The whole building process of a nauticat yacht is concentrated on quality. We want to build the safest and best quality yacht possible. We think this is assured only by concentrating the whole building process of the yacht to one place. Our production is concentrated to our premises in Riihikoski. We have full control over our construction process, due to the fact that we laminate the GRP hulls and decks ourselves. Our carpenters individualise interiors out of teak-wood, and the installations and fitting is carried out at the yard. Most stainless parts on deck are made by our own skilled craftsmen. Even the cushions, curtains and other textiles are made by ourselves.

The close co-operation with our suppliers has resulted in constant improvement of functionality and quality of the equipment fitted on the yachts. The rigging is provided by Seldén, the engines are made by Yanmar, our sails are manufactured by the local North Sails loft and most navigation instruments come from Raytheon. On the other hand, one has to bear in one's mind that due to the individualising of the yachts we are used to fitting products from other manufacturers as well. Our building process is a constant developments process with the goal of offering our customer's the best possible quality.

In the design and analysing of the yachts and for customised interior drawing we are using the latest yachts design and CAD programs available.

To ensure a long lasting and strong hull the nauticats hulls are always laminated by hand, using the best materials possible. A nauticat is never built using sandwich construction methods. The hulls and decks are made of solid single skin laminate. Every yacht is tested thoroughly in the testpool at the yard, before delivery. All equipment is tried and goes through a testing program. Every single yacht is even rigged and the sails are tested, no matter rain, snow or shine.

Our modern production facilities are heated up all around the year. During wintertime the outside temperature in Finland might even go down to - 30 degrees Celsius, so we know what it is like to build boats for severe conditions.