Why is NAUTICAT a secure investment?

Most boats value on market is decreasing. But that's not case of NAUTICAT ships! Your long years used NAUTICAT can still please you with high selling price. It can be historically looked up that well equipped NAUTICAT has even higher selling value than his original price.

How is this possible?

NAUTICAT YACHTS OY are not made in serial production. The complete production uses maximum amount of manual labour. All processes need time, there is no need to by hasty. Final outcome is high quality and reliable ship that isn't getting old - it matures like a wine.

  1. Design and construction of ships stay almost the same. It honours traditional, time-proved shapes and technologies that are being improved only in small details.
  2. Selection of preowned NAUTICAT ships is practically empty compared to other manufacturers. It could be difficult to obtain preowned NAUTICAT because demand exceeds supply which of course has an impact on price.

Buy NAUTICAT now! Please yourself with quality and value that will last...